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Laser Cutting & Machining of Dummy Missiles for the Military Industry

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Dummy Missiles
Dummy Missiles
Dummy Missiles
  The U.S. military contracted J & N Metal to custom manufacture a series of dummy missiles. These missiles were built with a counterweight placed inside them that would simulate the correct center of gravity for the Hellfire Missile Systems. Using our advanced laser cutting, machining, and forming operations, we were able to meet an overall, precision tolerance of +.000/-.003 of an inch.

Each component of this missile was built using different materials. The missile tube was constructed from 304 stainless steel, while the fins were constructed from A36 mild steel, and the cones from Delrin. After all components were manufactured, we then assembled the parts, meeting customer supplied 2D CAD print specifications. After assembly was complete, the missiles measured precisely 64 inches long and 10 inches wide and high. Each missile also weighed 200 pounds.

Once the missiles were assembled complete, we passivated all stainless steel parts and applied a conversion coating for increased hardness and corrosion resistance. We then painted the missiles based off of our customer's print specifications. Fulfilling military requirements for both quality and design, we delivered the dummy missiles to our client's location in Crane, Indiana.

Laser-Cut Dummy Missiles Highlights:

Product Description We manufactured these Dummy Missiles with a counterweight in them to simulate the correct center of gravity for the Hellfire Missile Systems, for the U.S. Military.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Laser Cutting, Machining, Forming, Painting, Conversion Coating, Assembly
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 2D Laser, Brakepress, CNC Lathe, CNC Mill
Overall Part Dimensions 64" x 10" x 10"
Tightest Tolerances +.000"/-.003"
Material Used Stainless Steel 304 (tube), fins (mild steel, A36), cones (delrin)
Finish Passivation of stainless parts, unknown paint colors
In process testing performed None
Estimated Part Weight 200 Lbs.
Industry for Use Military
Delivery Location Crane, Indiana
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Dummy Missiles

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