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CNC Milling and Custom Manufacturing of Aluminum Electronic Mount Assembly 


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Aluminum Electronic Mount Assembly
Aluminum Electronic Mount Assembly
  When a military industry client based in Crane, Indiana requested that J & N Metal custom manufacture an electronic mount assembly, we combined our advanced laser and CNC milling operations – meeting  a +.000/-.003 of an inch overall tolerance and a flatness tolerance of .01 of an inch – to build this part based on a customer supplied, 2D CAD drawing.

This electronic mount assembly consisted of both an upper and lower piece that were machined separately, then assembled in-house by screwing and bolting down all components according to print and specific torque values. We also employed our brazing and riveting operations to meet print specifications. After brazing was complete, we additionally ensured that all necessary weld plug operations were performed on any drain holes, outsourcing this job to a company that specializes in dip brazing services.

After all components were machined and properly assembled, we heat-treated the unit and provided the part with a corrosion resistant chemical film coating. We then painted the piece dark gray.  Once assembly was complete, the electronic mount measured exactly 24.84 inches long, 22.63 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. The mount also weighed 6.8 pounds.

Meeting high military and FED industry standards, and fulfilling all of our client's requirements for both design and functionality, our electronic mount assembly surpassed our customer's high expectations for quality.

CNC Milled Aluminum Electronic Mount Assembly Highlights:

Product Description This Electronic Mount Assembly consists of a lower and upper piece and is used within a Military application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Milling
  • Outsourced to a company that does dip brazing
  • Weld Plug any Drain Holes after Brazing
Heat Treatment
  • T6 Temper
Assembled in-house
  • Screw and Bolt Down Components according to Print to Specific Torque Values
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Laser, CNC Mill
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 24.84"
Width: 22.63"
Thickness: 1.00"
Tightest Tolerances +.000"/-.003"
Flatness of .01"
Material Used 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish Chemical Film Coating
  • MIL-STD-1516
Painted Dark Gray
Estimated Part Weight 6.8 lbs
Industry for Use Military
Delivery Location Crane, Indiana
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Electronic Mount Assembly

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