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CNC Turning of Aluminum Connector Tube for the Electrical Industry

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Aluminum Connector Tube
Aluminum Connector Tube
  Offering superior CNC machining technology and expertise, J & N Metal was contracted by a client in the electrical industry to manufacture an aluminum electric tube. Using our advanced CNC turning machinery – which included our Mazak Quick-Turn 250 CNC lathe – as well as a Haas vertical CNC mill, we machined these parts to measure precisely 3.75 inches in overall length, .707 of an inch in outer diameter, and .530 of an inch in inner diameter. The completed part weighed less than one pound.

To begin this process, we first rough and finished turned both side one and side two of the tubing. We then drilled 2 holes measuring .12 of an inch in outer diameter and drilled and reamed 4 additional holes measuring .054 of an inch in outer diameter. We also tapped and spotfaced all threads. The electric tube possessed an ø.086"-56 UNC-3B thread. Finally, we assembled a press fit pin measuring .055 of an inch in outer diameter into the connector tube. Our precision operations met an overall tolerance of +.001/-.000 of an inch, with a (±) 1 degree angular tolerance, a cylindricity and true position of .002 of an inch, and a circular runout of .010 of an inch.

After all machining processes were concluded, we applied a chemical conversion coating per Mil-C-5541 Class 3 specifications, which provided the part with a harder surface and a corrosion resistant finish. Meeting both MIL-STD-100 standards and customer requirements for design and quality, we delivered the finished connector tube to our client's facility based in Crane, Indiana.

CNC Turned Alumnium Connector Tube Highlights:

Product Description This aluminum connector tube is CNC machined for an electrical application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Turning
Chemical Conversion Coating
  • Per Mil-C-5541 Class 3
  • Press Pin into Connector Tube
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part CNC Lathe, CNC Mill
Overall Part Dimensions O.A.L.: 3.750"
O.D.: ø.707"
I.D.: ø.530"

Ø.086"-56 UNC-3B Thread Thru

Press Fit Pin: ø.055"
Tightest Tolerances +.001"/-.000"
Cylindricity of .002"
True Position of .002"
Circular Runout of .010"
Material Used 7075-T73 Aluminum
Typical Machining Operations CNC Turning:
Rough & Finish Turn Side 1
Rough & Finish Turn Side 2
Drill ø.12" Holes Thru x2
ø.054 Holes Thru x4
Tap Thread
Spotface Thread
Estimated Part Weight < 1 lb
Industry for Use Electrical
Delivery Location Crane, Indiana
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
MIL-STD-130, Bag of Tag
Product Name Connector Tube

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